Meetings 2009

Meeting Protocol

Below are details of meetings of CamdenCEN (CCEN) and the Local Strategic Partnership (LSP)

All CCEN meetings are open meetings and we would especially welcome people who wish to attend our seminar meetings which are targeted at specific themes in the Camden Community Strategy.

Follow this link for our protocol for CCEN meetings.

Meeting Timetable

Meeting Schedule 2009

Using the links in the table you can jump directly to a comprehensive list of all CCEN/LSP meetings and seminars held in a particular month.

Table 1: Search for meetings by month
January February April July
September October November December

December 2009

CCEN Executive Board Tuesday 8 December

LSP Business Meeting Thursday 10 December

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November 2009

LSP Seminar Thursday 5 November 6:30pm

The Biennial Review of the Community Strategy

Health & Wellbeing seminar: Tuesday 11 November 12.00 - 14.00 (CCEN Seminar)

Local Development Framework: Tuesday 24 November 12.00 - 15.30 (CCEN Seminar)

This seminar had to be postponed but we hope to organise a similar seminar in the New Year

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October 2009

What is the Local Strategic Partnership? Tuesday 20th October 12- 2pm (CCEN Seminar)

CCEN Executive Board Tuesday 13 October

LSP Business Meeting Thursday 15 October

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September 2009

Community Strategy- Half Way there? Tuesday 15 September 12.00 - 2.00pm (CCEN Seminar)

The Local Strategic Partnership discussed a mid-term report on the Camden Community Strategy in October.

Over the last year CamdenCEN held a number of seminars focusing on various themes of the Community Strategy and your organisation participated in these seminars and had an input into the reports that were presented at the LSP.

This was an opportunity to update people on what has been happening since our last series of seminars, especially looking at changes that have taken place due to the recession.

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July 2009

CCEN Executive Board Tuesday 7 July

LSP Business Meeting Thursday 9 July

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April 2009

CCEN Executive Board Meeting Tuesday 21 April

LSP Business Meeting Thursday 23 April

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February 2009

CCEN Executive Board Meeting 17th February

Comprehensive Area Assessment (CAA): What is it and how will the voluntary and community sector be involved? Monday 16th Feb 2- 4:30pm (CCEN Seminar)

January 2009

Camden Town Vision: Tuesday 13 January 12.00 2.00pm (CCEN Seminar)

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