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National Compact

The government has just published a new National Compact which can be downloaded below:

Camden Compact

The Compact for Camden is a framework agreement between the voluntary and community sector and the public sector partners in the borough. It is a framework to guide the conduct of partnership working and it promotes a culture of empowerment and continually improving relations between the sectors. It builds on central government's compact with the voluntary and community sector. Getting It Right Together, which is overseen by the Commission for the Compact.

The Compact for Camden was formally adopted by the Camden Local Strategic Partnership in March 2004, this included agreement to an action plan and annual reports on progress to the LSP. The LSP re-affirmed its commitment to the Compact in November 2007. Following this, the Compact Action Plan has been refreshed to reflect new priorities.

The Compact Action Plan sets out actions that partners from the voluntary & community and statutory sectors will deliver up to March 2011. Broadly, the Action Plan sets out actions relating to:

The Action Plan provides the context from which partners can build a meaningful understanding of their respective contributions to improved quality of life in Camden .

The Action Plan refresh encompasses new priorities relevant to relationships with the voluntary and community sector, including:

Monitoring progress of the Action plan will enable partners to understand the contributions and limitations pertaining to each partner and the added value derived through collaboration.

The life of the Action Plan is to March 2011 when a further refresh will be undertaken and, importantly, help to shape arrangements for the next review of voluntary and community sector funding.

Camden Compact Action Plan Update

At the Local Strategic Partnership meeting on 23 April 2009 the Compact for Camden Revised Action Plan was approved.

You can download a copy of the Action Plan here

Compact - Commissioning Guidance

This guidance is for commissioners in national and local public sector bodies. It is designed to help commissioners. It identifies relevant Compact principles and demonstrates where and how they can be applied to commissioning. It also highlights those Compact principles relevant for third sector

You can download a copy of this guidance here

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