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Below you can download a number of publications about public service delivery from NESTA, the new economics foundation, Cabinet Office, the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, NAVCA and the ResPublica websites. For further information on any of the publications you have downloaded here, please visit the respective website by clicking on the links.

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Involving Older People in Commissioning- More Power to Their Elbow?

This research explores how older people can have a real say in commissioning public services. It examines the nature and purpose of commissioning and draws lessons from Salford and Dorset, two contrasting areas with reputations for successfully engaging older people.

© December 2011, Joseph Rowntree Foundation

Prototyping in Public Services

Prototyping in Public Services describes an approach that can be used to help develop new and innovative services by testing ideas out early in the development cycle.

© November 2011, NESTA

In This Together: Building Knowledge about Co-Production

This report tells the stories of people who are improving public services by working with the people who use them and delivering public services in a radically different way. It describes a range of practical projects and includes personal testimonies from individuals directly involved. These examples have at their heart equal and reciprocal relationships between professionals, people using services, their families and neighbours – an approach known as ‘co-production'.

© July 2011, new economics foundation

Innovation in public sector organisations: A pilot survey for measuring innovation across the public sector

This report presents the findings from NESTA's pilot project developing a survey tool for measuring innovation in the public sector. The survey was piloted across two parts of the public sector: the NHS and Local Government.

© March 2011, NESTA

A beginner’s guide to commissioning: A guide for development workers supporting local
organisations with commissioning

This publication is an introduction to commissioning for organisations that support, develop and champion local voluntary and community organisations. It discusses public bodies and their commissioning of public services.

© March 2011, NAVCA

Modernising Commissioning: Increasing the role of charities, social enterprises, mutuals and cooperatives in public service delivery (Green paper)

The Modernising Commissioning Green Paper asks for views on how the Government can create a level playing field for charities, voluntary groups and social enterprises that want to bid for public service contracts.

© December 2010, Crown copyright Cabinet Office

Whose story is it anyway? Evidencing impact and value for better public services

This report looks at the impact and value of better public services, and sets out how a different approach which focuses on outcomes can improve the lives of providers and citizens alike.

© November 2010, NESTA

Practical Guide- Radical Efficiency: Different, better, lower cost public services

The content of this booklet has been drawn from the full report Radical Efficiency: Different, Better, Lower Cost Public Services published by NESTA and the Innovation Unit, June 2010.

© November 2010, NESTA

Right Here, Right Now: Taking co-production into the mainstream

This is the third of three reports on co-production.This report charts ways ahead for public services: involving users in the design and delivery of services. It argues that co-production should be central to delivering the "Big Society" vision of the coalition government.

© July 2010, (NESTA and nef)

Schumpeter Comes to Whitehall:Cuts and Innovation in Public Services

‘Schumpeter Comes to Whitehall’ draws on the economist Joseph Schumpeter’s analysis of innovation and on NESTA’s own experience of supporting innovation in public services – to consider how Government should approach the cuts in ways that prompt innovation.

© July 2010, NESTA

Radical Efficiency: Different, better, lower cost public services

This publication addresses the concept of Radical Efficiency. 'Radical efficiency' is about different, better and lower cost public services. It is about innovation that delivers much better public outcomes for much lower cost.

© June 2010, NESTA

Public Services Inside Out: Putting co-production into practice

This is the second of three reports on co-production. This report documents the many ways in which citizens are engaging with public service professionals, in health and social care, housing, childcare, education and criminal justice, to design and deliver activities that meet their needs and deliver better results.

© April 2010, (NESTA and nef)

The Civil Effect: Bringing efficiency, innovation and community capability to our
framework of public services commissioning

'The Civil Effect,' warns that the development of David Cameron's Big Society will fail unless urgent action is taken to better support civil society in our public services. The author unveils a raft of new measures aimed at boosting civil society, which it defines as co-operatives, social enterprises, charities and community entrepreneurs and which he believes will create a level playing field between the public sector and civil society.

© 2010, ResPublica

The Challenge of Co-Production: How equal partnerships between professionals and the public are crucial to improving public services

This publication marks the beginning of a partnership between the nef (new economics foundation) and NESTA to develop the evidence base on co-production – working with and learning from frontline practitioners in particular – and from this to develop proposals to promote a more positive environment for co-production in our public services and in policymaking.

© December 2009, (NESTA and nef)

The Ownership State: Restoring excellence, innovation and ethos to the public services

The Ownership State is the first in a series of provocative reports written by Phillip Blond, which will focus on how innovative solutions can help us meet the social and economic challenges that confront the UK.

© October 2009, A ResPublica and NESTA Joint Publication

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