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Below you can download a number of publications about philanthropy from the New Philanthropy Capital, Philanthropy UK and Association of Charitable Foundations website. For further information on any of the publications you have downloaded here, please visit the respective website by clicking on the links.

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Why Rich People Give

Why Rich People Give is the result of the first major research into the attitudes of wealthy people in the UK to money - how they create it, keep it and spend it. It aims to enable charities and fundraising organisations to become more effective in developing and managing their relationships with higher net worth individuals, and society in general. This is the summary version of the book, written by Theresa Lloyd, the then director of Philanthropy UK.

© Theresa Lloyd Associates, Philanthropy UK

Inspiring Local Philanthropy: Making a Difference in Local Communities

Inspiring local philanthropy , published by Coutts & Co in collaboration with NPC and the Community Foundation Network, is a practical guide for individuals who want to support their local communities with their giving.

© October 2011, Coutts & Co and NPC

Ten Ways to Boost Giving

In this paper NPC suggests Ten ways to boost giving based on a decade of experience working to increase the volume and impact of philanthropy. Collaboration is needed between a number of groups, from banks to foundations and charities to government, to give UK giving a much-needed boost.

© March 2011, New Philanthropy Capital. All rights reserved

Giving White Paper

In May the Government unveiled new plans which propose to make it easier and more attractive to give time and money to good causes. The Giving white paper seeks to renew Britain's culture of philanthropy by working with charities and businesses to support new ways for people to contribute which fit into busy modern lives.

© 2011, Crown copyright Cabinet Office

Achieving More Together

Achieving More Together looks at the potential for collaboration between individual philanthropists and foundations and the opportunities and challenges that this presents. This research was funded by the City Parochial Foundation.

© July 2009, Published by New Philanthropy Capital. All rights reserved

A Guide to Giving- Third edition

A Guide to Giving is a valuable and up-to-date resource for both philanthropists and their advisors that sets the benchmark for inspirational, practical and objective guidance.

© 2008, Association of Charitable Foundations (ACF)

Wealth and Philanthropy: The views of those whoa dvise the rich

This report, based on a survey of advisors to high-net-worth individuals, builds on Philanthropy UK's work published in Why Rich People Give, the first major British study into giving by the wealthy. Overall the findings present an encouraging outlook for British philanthropy. The research both affirms the conclusions of Why Rich People Give and provides new insight. The report also identifies opportunities for the broader giving community to build on the positive trends identified in the research. © 2007, Philanthropy UK


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