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Below you can download a number of publications about the Compact from Camden Compact, Compact Voice, NCVO and the Office for Civil Society, For further information on any of the publications you have downloaded here, please visit the respective website by clicking on the links.

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Local Compacts: A User Guide

Compact Voice have published a new guide which provides a comprehensive overview of local Compacts and covers everything you need to know to enable your Compact to work effectively.

© Compact Voice, November 2011

Local Impacts at Work: A portfolio of short case studies demonstrating the practical application of Local Compacts

Compact Voice have published a new collection of case studies that highlight examples of effective Compact working. The case studies demonstrate where partnership working has really delivered positive outcomes, despite challenging times.

© Compact Voice, March 2011

The Compact

This renewed Compact is an agreement between the Coalition Government and their associated Non-Departmental Public Bodies, Arms Length Bodies and Executive Agencies, and civil society organisations (CSOs) in England. The agreement aims to ensure that the Government and CSOs work effectively in partnership to achieve common goals and outcomes for the benefit of communities and citizens in England.

© Crown copyright 2010, The Office for Civil Society, Cabinet Office

The Compact Accountability and Transparency Guide

This document explains what increased measures the Coalition Government is introducing to strengthen the implementation of the Compact. It also explains what to do and whom to contact when things go wrong from informal discussions with departments to formal complaints to the Parliamentary
Ombudsman. The purpose of this guide is to increase the transparency around how the Compact is being implemented.

© Crown copyright 2010, The Office for Civil Society, Cabinet Office

Statement of Support for the Refreshed Compact December 2010

Heads of various national, voluntary and community organisations express their support for the refreshed national Compact and the new accountability measures announced alongside. They see it as a significant step forward in the sector’s relationship with Government.

© 20062011, Compact Voice

Camden Compact Action Plan- 2009

This document outlines the agreed actions and required criteria for Camden Compact partners to demonstrate how they are adhering to the Camden Compact


Camden Compact

This Compact has been developed jointly by representatives of local government, health trusts and voluntary and community groups in Camden. Once complete, it will not be legally binding. However, it is the intention of those who have produced it that it should have authoritative status in promoting good quality working relationships between public bodies and local community and other voluntary groups in the Borough.

© 2005, The Camden Compact Partners

Premises and the Compact

This article looks at an area of great significance for many organisations – accommodation and premises – and highlights some of the important legal and Compact principles which every organisation who may be in council premises should be aware of.

© The Compact Advocacy Programme, NCVO

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