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Below you can download a number of publications about parntership and collaborative working from the Charity Commission, new economics foundation, NAVCA and the New Philanthropy Capital. For further information on any of the publications you have downloaded here, please visit the respective website by clicking on the links.

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A beginner’s guide to commissioning: A guide for development workers supporting local
organisations with commissioning

This publication is an introduction to commissioning for organisations that support, develop and champion local voluntary and community organisations. It discusses public bodies and their commissioning of public services.

© March 2011, NAVCA

Impact Networks: Charities working together to improve outcomes

An impact network is a range of activities performed by different organisations that leads to a positive outcome. This report demonstrates that by recognising their position within a network, charities can ensure they use their resources as effectively as possible.

© February 2011, New Philanthropy Capital

Crowd Wise

Crowd Wise, a publication produced by the new economics foundation, presents a participative method for taking shared decisions. It produces outcomes which the participants are more likely to support or be able to live with and shares a new way for people to come together to talk about their ideas and make decisions.

© June 2010, nef (the new economics foundation)

Choosing to collaborate: Helping you Succeed

This toolkit should be read alongside the Charity Commission publication 'Collaborative Working and Mergers: An introduction'. This toolkit is designed to be of practical help to all charities considering, planning or progressing a merger.

© 2010 Crown copyright, Charity Commission

Collaborative Working and Mergers: An Introduction

Produced by the Charity Commission in 2009, this publication provides guidance for charities who may be considering merging or working with other organisations


© 2009 Crown copyright, Charity Commission

Making Mergers Work: Helping you Succeed

This toolkit should be read alongside the Charity Commission publication 'Collaborative Working and Mergers: An introduction'. The toolkit highlights the common pitfalls and offers good practice advice that should help charities merging, from considering the decision through to evaluation.

© 2009 Crown copyright, Charity Commission

Community Empowerment Discussion Toolkit

This Demo kit was developed in association with Inspire East. It aims to help groups to work together to decide on what issues are important to them in their community. It generates ideas so groups can go on to plan activities and services for their local area. .

The development of this toolkit has been funded by Improvement East. Inspire East leads the Regional Empowerment Partnership (funded by the Department of Communities and Local Government) and is supported by the East of England Development Agency. The toolkit has been developed in association with nef (the new economics foundation).

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