Neighbourhood Planning Resources

Below you can download a number of planning publications from Planning Aid for London, Planning Aid for England, the Environmental Law Foundation and the Department for Communities and Local Government. For further information on any of the publications you have downloaded here, please visit the respective website by clicking on the links.

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Neighbourhood Planning Resources

The new regulations for Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012 have been published and came into force on 6 April 2012. Applications to become a ‘neighbourhood forum’ and to set boundaries can now be submitted to the Council. The applications will be assessed against the regulations and communities are advised to ensure that any application is fully in line with them before they apply.

Proposed Submission Site Allocations DPD 15 March 2012

The Council started consultation on the draft Site Allocations document in October 2011 and published its Site Allocations development plan document (DPD) on 15 March 2012 for comment, prior to submitting it to the Secretary of State for independent examination by a planning inspector.

The document deals with the future development of land and buildings on some of the larger sites in Camden and will form part of our Local Development Framework (LDF). This is the final stage of preparation of this document and it allows you to have a final say on its content.

Lifetime Neighbourhoods

The Department for Communities and Local Government commissioned the Centre for Housing Policy at York University to produce an independent research report on Lifetime Neighbourhoods. The report brings together existing writings and research and practice examples of Lifetime Neighbourhoods ie places designed to be inclusive regardless of age or disability.

© Crown copyright December 2011, Department for Communities and Local Government

Lifetime Neighbourhoods: Practice Examples- Summary resource

This summary describes the key elements that make up a lifetime neighbourhood, and sets out how individual residents, communities, local government, practitioners, councillors, the voluntary sector and the private sector can become involved and contribute to the development of lifetime neighbourhoods.

© Crown copyright December 2011, Department for Communities and Local Government

Localism Act 2011

The Localism Act became an Act of Parliament on the 15th November. This is the original versions (as originally enacted) and supercedes all previous versions.

© Crown copyright, November 2011

Localism Act 2011- Explanatory notes

These explanatory notes relate to the Localism Act 2011 which received Royal Assent
on 15 November 2011. They have been prepared by the Department for Communities and
Local Government in order to assist the reader in understanding the Act. They do not form
part of the Act and have not been endorsed by Parliament.

© Crown copyright, November 2011

Neighbourhood Plans - FAQ's

Camden council have just released a leaflet which aims to answer some of the most frequently asked questions around neighbourhood planning. Some of these questions include: What are neighbourhood plans? Who will prepare them? What is the Council’s role and how will the planning process work. It also provides links to download further information.

© Camden Council October 2011

An introduction to Neighbourhood Planning

This leaflet provides an easy to read introduction to neighbourhood planning being introduced by the Government. This is a new way for communities to decide the future of the places where they live and work. This leaflet explains what neighbourhood planning is; why it matters and how it will work and provides information about the sources of advice and support for communities interested in doing neighbourhood planning.

© Crown copyright October 2011, Department for Communities and Local Government

Neighbourhood Planning e-flyer

This leaflet provides brief information on new neighbourhood planning being introduced by the Government and signposts where further information can be found.

© Crown copyright October 2011, Department for Communities and Local Government

Neighbourhood Planning Regulations: Consultation

The Localism Bill leaves various procedural and technical requirements of the neighbourhood planning system to regulations. This consultation seeks views on whether the proposed neighbourhood planning regulations are fit for purpose.

© Crown copyright October 2011, Department for Communities and Local Government

Localism Bill: Planning Reform

This publication consists of a series of slides which identify the goverments vision of the Localism Bill and how current planning policy can be reformed to deliver the outcomes proposed in the new legislation.

© 2011 Crown copyright, Department for Communities and Local Government

Supporting Communities and Neighbourhoods in Planning- Appendix 2

This document describes the grant programme, including the purpose, selection and eligibility criteria. It also provides details on how applications will be dealt with. The deadline for funding applications passed on 21 February but the information in Appendix 2- the expectations about how the NP process will work, is still current and useful at this stage.

© Crown copyright 2011, Department for Communities and Local Government

Regeneration to Enable Growth

This document addresses the Government's commitment to regeneration and explains the new approach of supporting and encouraging local authorities and residents to drive local regeneration through the introduction of a wide range of powers, incentives, freedoms and flexibilities through the decentralisation, localism and Big Society agendas. Supporting this is a series of tables to show the wide range of policies and funds that you might find helpful in driving forward your own regeneration plans for your area, or seeking to influence your council's regeneration plans.

© Crown copyright 2011, Department for Communities and Local Government

National Planning Policy Framework: Myth-buster

A consultation is currently underway on the National Planning Policy Framework. This document explains some commonly held misconceptions.

© Crown copyright September 2011, Department for Communities and Local Government

Housing and Planning- key facts

This quarterly leaflet contains tables of key figures and web links to a fuller collection of data shown in the Department for Communities and Local Government’s Live Tables.


© Crown copyright 2011, Department for Communities and Local Government

Pre-application consultation with communities- a basic guide

This note helps to explain the new Localism Bill requirement for developers to consult with local communities prior to submitting certain planning applications.

© Crown copyright 2011, Department for Communities and Local Government

The Community Infrastructure Levy- an overview

This document provides an overview of the Community Infrastructure Levy, a new planning charge that came into force on 6 April 2010 through the Community Infrastructure Levy Regulations 2010.


© Crown copyright 2010, Department for Communities and Local Government

Major infrastructure planning reform- work plan

This document looks at the government's commitment to planning reform, updates within the Planning Inspectorate, responsible bodies for deliverance of the work-plan and sets-out the timetable for the production and designation of National Policy Statements.

© Crown copyright 2010, Department for Communities and Local Government

Evaluation Report for Shaping Places

This publication was produced to assist disabled people, particularly blind or partially sighted people, to understand how Planning works, how they can get involved in decisions about their environment; and, to contribute to informal adult learning opportunities for disabled people.

© Planning Aid for London & Knott Architects 2010

The Equality Act and its Impact on Planning Law

Planning is not an area of state activity where equalities considerations are at the forefront of decision makers' minds. This guide, written by solicitor John Halford, partner at Bindmans, is a to help local communities understand the equalities considerations of planning.

© December 2010, Environmental Law Foundation

Planning Aid for London Main Leaflet

This leaflet explains what Planning Aid is, who it's aimed at, and how you can go about obtaining planning advice.

© Planning Aid for London 2009

Community Planning and Involvement

A useful resource for individuals, community groups or voluntary organisations needing help with planning.


© Planning Aid for London 2009

Making Places for Healthy Lives

Being able to live healthily means a whole range of different things, from being able to buy fresh food to making sure that your home is warm and dry, and having access to open spaces. Town planning has an important role in making sure that we can live healthy and active lives. Download this document for more information

© Planning Aid for London 2009

Challenging a Planning Decision

This leaflet provides advice on how you are able to challenge the planning decisions made by your local council.

© Planning Aid for London, 2009

Planning Decisions & Community Involvement

The purpose of this leaflet is to explain how and when people can get involved in the planning process.

© Planning Aid for London 2009

Good Practice Guide to Public Engagement Development Schemes

This guide is intended to provide practical advice for all those involved in public engagement in development schemes which require planning consent. It is illustrated by real examples of good practice and provides information and assistance to those planning, engaging in, or assessing community consultation.

© Published by Planning Aid England and Planning Aid for London

Planning Together: Local Strategic Partnerships (LSPs) and
Spatial Planning: a practical guide

This short, practical guide aims to improve collaboration between planners and those involved with Local Strategic Partnerships (LSP). It is focused on the strategic leadership role of local authorities in shaping good places, creating sustainable mixed communities and delivering better local services.

© Crown copyright 2007, Department for Communities and Local Government

Your Rights in Planning Decisions: A Guide

A handy toolkit which sets out what rights you have in the environment and how you can be heard. It also shows you how you can best use your rights to get involved with the decisions that affect you.

© Environmental Law Foundation

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