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Meeting Protocol

Below are details of meetings of CamdenCEN (CCEN) and the Local Strategic Partnership (LSP).

All CCEN meetings are open meetings and we would especially welcome people who wish to attend our seminar meetings which are targeted at specific themes in the Camden Community Strategy.

Follow this link for our protocol for CCEN meetings

Meeting Timetable

Meeting Schedule 2010

Using the links in the table you can jump directly to a comprehensive list of all CCEN/LSP meetings and seminars held in a particular month.

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December 2010

Following on from the two seminars held in December, please visit our 'what's New' page for more details about CamdenCEN's response to the developing vision of the LSP.

VCS Representatives Joint Network Meeting: Monday 20th December 12-2pm (CCEN Seminar)

This meeting brought together voluntary sector representatives from CamdenCEN, Children & Families Network, Health and Inequalities Forum and Health & Social Care Forum to discuss the position of the VCS in light of the changes to Camden's local strategic partnerships.

Developing A Vision of the LSP: Tuesday 14th December 1:15 - 3:15pm (CCEN Seminar)

In January, the Local Strategic Partnership (LSP) will be looking at its structure for the future and CamdenCEN wants to develop ideas with the VCS for that vision. This seminar sought views and ideas from the VCS about involvement in strategic decision-making and the developing future of the LSP.

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November 2010

CCEN Executive Meeting Tuesday 16th November

Introduction to Building Consortia and Partnerships- Friday 5th November 1 - 3:30pm (CCEN Seminar)

Following on from the Big Society Discussion, this seminar discussed the following issues:

  Are smaller organisations ready for partnerships?

  Will organisations lose their identity to funders?

  How will partnerships help bids?

  Financial and legal implications of bringing organisations together in partnership/consortia

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October 2010

LSP Meeting Thursday 14th October

CCEN Executive Meeting Tuesday 12th October 4- 6pm

Camden's Voluntary and Community Sector Review- Monday 11th October 12 -2:30pm (CCEN Seminar)

Camden Community Empowerment Network hosted a consultation event for local organisations and groups at Voluntary Action Camden.

Between 12 and 1.30pm voluntary and community sector groups had the opportunity to discuss the options presented in the Council's recently published consultation document: 'Voluntary and Community Sector Review - Working Together in a More Difficult Climate'.

From 1.30 2.30pm council officers attended to hear feedback and discuss ideas and concerns.

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September 2010

BIG Society Big Discussion Event: Tuesday 14th September 12-2pm at the New Horizon Youth Centre (CCEN seminar)

Approximately 50 representatives from across the Voluntary and Community Sector attended the discussion to ask questions, share knowledge, and discuss ideas about meeting the future needs of the communities they work with in view of the governments' Big Society agenda. 

CCEN Executive Board Induction Meeting 7th September

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July 2010

CCEN Executive Board Meeting 12th July

LSP Seminar: The Financial challenges for the Public Sector 13th July (5 7pm)

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June 2010

CCEN Executive Board Election process (CCEN Seminar)

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May 2010

CCEN Executive Board Meeting: 12th May 12- 2pm

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April 2010

CCEN Executive Board Meeting: Tuesday 20 April 12 - 2pm (cancelled)

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March 2010

Routes to the LSP: Community Safety Tuesday 16 March 12 - 2pm (CCEN Seminar)

This was the final seminar in the series showing how the Local Strategic Partnership links with the other strategic partnerships in the borough. The seminar focused on the Community Safety Partnership and addressed:

The flyer and write up of the seminar are available to download

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February 2010

Routes to the LSP: Children & Young People's Services Tuesday 16 February 12 - 2pm (CCEN Seminar)

Following on from the seminar on the Local Strategic Partnership and how it links in with the other strategic partnerships in the borough, the CCEN held a seminar to look at how groups working with children, young people and families can engage with the statutory sector. We also looked at the new Children's Trust Board (successor to the Children & Young People's Partnership) and how that fits in.

CCEN Executive Board Meeting: Tuesday 23 February 12-2pm

LSP Meeting: Thursday 25 February

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